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Do Less

Stop doing so much. Stop trying to do everything.

Just focus on a few small tasks/projects.

Then do those each morning and make progress.

Remember, 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

Said another way, 1% information, 99% execution.

Doing less may bring more results.

Use YouTube

Hey, you know YouTube? ; )

You can use it to send a video to a company.

Don’t be perfect, just hold a bias for action.

And here’s How to Make a Great Video Pitch.

First is to tell them you love them. Tell them why you like their company.

‘Hey, Acme Incorporated. I’ve been following you for the last few months. I love what you do. I’m very excited about the prospect of helping you help your customers in this way (or whatever it might be).'”

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Quote of the Day

“The Internet killed degrees because it brought the cost of information so low that now anyone anywhere can build a better signal than a degree through a digital footprint, brand, or body of work.”

― Isaac Morehouse, Crash Your Career