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Be an Interesting Person

Your hobbies help your career.

People (companies) like to work with interesting people.

If you show that you have side-passion projects, it will signal that you are an interesting person.

We suggest you build a website and showcase those hobbies. That will be a strong signal.

Do it now!

Become a UX/UI Designer? You Can Start From Scratch.

You may not realize it yet, but UX/UI design might be the career you desire.

UX/UI (User-Experience and User-Interface) design means designing digital products like web apps, mobile apps, Chrome extensions, that sort of thing.

And you can break in with no background.

You just need a little curiosity.

Through Avocademy, you can start with no-experience and no degree with their highly affordable courses. In a pretty short time, you could have an awesome, creative tech career. with a high-income and working remotely.

Avocademy’s “learn-by-doing” approach preps students to enter the job market with real-world experience and a professional portfolio.

Learn more and find out if UX/UI Design is for you.

“Avocademy is a great course for learning about UX/UI design. I previously had no experience in this field and in as little as 6-8 weeks you are prepped with all the tools needed to embark on a new career.”

Make an Extra $5000 a Year

How can you build your financial power, through healthy habits?

In this post from Men of Order, learn about the 52-week challenge that will boost your ability to bring in the dough.

And it’s not just about saving, but selling your skills, too.

“Everybody has some type of unique skill that they can use to make a profit.  If you have specific knowledge in a certain field you can take what you know and monetize it.”

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Learn to Interview Like a Champ

Check our guides page where you can snag the Guide to Interviewing, and learn to stand out among the candidate pool.

This babies are full of golden wisdom. Don’t neglect ’em!

Clear Mental Blocks Forever

Ever get the sense that you’re “not good enough,” or “I can’t do it”?

I can remove that nonsense from your mind in 1 call.

Start now.

“It’s not just coaching, but Joel actually has the ability to solve the core internal issues in my mind and emotions, so that there is a permanent shift. I can’t recommend him enough.”