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Get Angry

Why did Rosa Parks refuse to move to the back of the bus? Just because she was physically tired and didn’t want to stand up and walk?

No. She was tired of the bullshit.

Then she channeled that into monumental action to change the world.

How about you? What gets under your skin? You just going to let your anger simmer? Or you going to get even angrier, so much so that you do something about it?

Look at the problems in the world (there are plenty). Then look inside of yourself. What problem burns and eats away at you?

Then find companies already solving that problem. Pour yourself into a company. Pitch ’em from the depths of your soul. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Make your job hunt matter.

You Need a Value Proposition

Check out Derek Magill’s take on applying to a job (2 min. post).

“He asked himself, ‘What can I do, Day 1 on the job, to create value for this company? What can I do long term that justifies bringing me on board?’ He’s not afraid to tell them, ‘Here’s what I would be doing differently. Here’s how I would do things better than you’re doing them now.’”

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