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Pick a Small Number of Companies

Most people think the job hunt is a numbers game…..

Wrong. False. Myth. Lies. Nonsense!

What if instead, you chose 1-3 companies that you’re EXCITED about, then do research on each, then send a highly specific and tailored plan, along with a video pitch?

Your results will be astronomically better.

Quality over quantity!

(I did just that when I pitched this sales job with 1400 applicants, and landed an interview).

Speed Reading Hack?

In the Information Age, learning to read and learn fast is a super skill.

Dive in to this no-cost masterclass from Jim Kwik on MindValley, and learn to double your reading speed in 15 mniutes.

The dude’s worked with Elon Musk so….yeah just sayin’.

(A course like this is a great chance to Learn Out Loud to show the world your growth mindset).

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