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Let Go of Desperation

People smell desperation in a job interview.

It’s in your interest to let go of feeling desperate, even if you feel a strong urge to find that next role.

The thing is, it needs to be genuine. You can’t fake that you’re not desperate.

So take a few minutes, breathe, and see if you can allow yourself to detach and let go of expectation.

Then, go enjoy that job interview as a curious, 2-way conversation!

Guide to Job Offers

Don’t forget we’ve got a Guide to Negotiatnig Job Offers on the Guides page of Career Hackers.

“Some people say you should always negotiate, even if you’re happy with the offer. Others will advise you just take it, and don’t get pushy. The truth? There’s no universal rule.”

How to Negotiate job offers

You Turn Podcast

Ashley Stahl is a career coach who aligns with our mission: help people to feel LIT UP about what they do.

Tune in to her upbeat podcast, You Turn, for shows not only about work, but relationships, mindset, and wellness too.

Ashley Stahl podcast by Career Hackers

Quote of the Day

“Letting go….is just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”

— Deborah Reber