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Go above and beyond

The key is to stand out, continually.

  • Build real relationships with current employees
  • Send something better than a resume
  • Have great questions to ask in the interview
  • Send handwritten thank you notes
  • Send a 30-day action plan

But it’s not that you “have to” go above and beyond….

It’s FUN to go above and beyond!

Why? Because you become an artist.

A standard employee is a cog-in-a-wheel. He might get a job at a mediocre company, doing what he’s told, waiting for Fridays, and gaining little fulfillment.

An artist creates without being asked. She not only lands opportunities, but she loves the creative bliss of acting on her own accord.

Employee or artist? The choice is yours.

Custom projects in digital marketing

Interested in digital marketing roles? Send a custom project. Ideas:

  • Create a lead magnet
  • Mock-up website improvements
  • Make a script for a video of a new Facebook Ad

These are just a few gold tips from Brad Matthews. He fleshes them out:

Quote of the Day

“No one hires based on where you’ve been, they hire based on what you’ve done.”
– Emil Lamprecht