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8 C’s

Ever feel like you’re not being yourself?

Maybe you get angry and lash out, or get depressed and unmotivated.

You probably need to find your center.

In Internal Family Systems therapy, grounding yourself in your True Self means living and being “the 8 C’s.”


If you’re having a rough day, see if you can take a few breaths and allow these C’s to bloom.

It’s all there inside of you.

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Like everything in life, working from home has both pros and cons.

This post from Life Hack gives food for thought as you figure out whether working from home is what you truly want.

A couple nuggets:

– Con: less human interaction
– Pro: more relaxed start of the day

“When I had to be at a place of work in the past….mornings always felt like a rush. Now, I can wake up a little later, make coffee and instead of rushing to get out of the door at a specific time, I can spend ten minutes writing in my journal, reviewing my plan for the day, and start the day in a more relaxed frame of mind.”

How to Beat Procrastination during your Job Hunt

Ready to never procrastinate again? Read and apply this post from Joel.

“…notice that icky feeling of hesitation about starting a project or task. Then go towards it….the more you do this, the more you’ll get excited about that icky feeling.”

How to bear procrastination by career hackers

Quote of the Day

“Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices.”
— Robert Braathe