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Permission-less Doing

You’re not here on this planet to live up to anyone else’s expectations.

When you go for what you want, without anyone’s permission, you start to transform.

You don’t need the approval of friends, peers, colleagues, parents, governments, neighbors, or anyone.

Act with abandon. Don’t wait for permission.

Career Hackers Classic: How to Read More

Deep down you know you want to read more books.

So make it happen. Time is ticking!

Feel stoked after reading the Career Hackers Classic post, How to Read More, via Ryan Holiday.

“Perhaps the reason you having trouble is you forgot the purpose of reading. It’s not just for fun. The purpose of reading is not just raw knowledge. It’s that it is part of the human experience. It helps you find meaning, understand yourself, and make your life better.”

99 Places to Find Remote Jobs

Be sure to save this link to 99 places to find remote jobs. They focus on coding, but most of the sites are for many types of jobs.

The possibilities are big out there!

Quote of the Day

“Small victories are bet­ter than none.”

― Neal Shusterman