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How to Apply On the Job Posting

You can email the hiring manager. You don’t need to apply on the job posting.

But you can. Maybe you feel more comfortable following that rule.

So here’s a hack:

When you attach your resume/cover letter, just upload a simple doc with a URL.

That URL goes to a YouTube or Loom video you made just for the company.

You could also add links to a project or other proof of work.

Forget the bullet point of a normal resume.

Show, don’t tell.

How to Get Hired at SpaceX with No Experience

It’s true, it’s possible..

Charlie Hoehn shares.

(Hint: make projects).

“The project and website really boosted my applications. Several of my interviewers commented that doing a project like this was really cool and made me stand out. I think one person pretty much chose to interview me solely because of the project based on how excited he was when he asked about it (and I was definitely under-qualified for the position).”


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