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Carpe Diem

When I was in college I grew a huge, atrocious beard.

I started growing it in September, just so I could look like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, in time for Halloween.

It was embarrassing, but it was an awesome, epic costume.

And I knew that at 19 years old that was the only time I could get away with that s*it.

Now, it’s a story forever.

What’s the lesson?

Be bold.
Take big swings.
Be willing to look stupid.

That’s how you live a full life and career.

Carpe diem, baby.

How will you seize the day today?

Make a Landing Page

The way to land a role is to do the job before you have the job.

That’s what Michael did via a landing page.

You gotta see this.

Gift for Field Trip
From Michael 🙂

Quote of the Day

Excuses are the rocks where our dreams are crushed.”
— Tim Fargo