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Do a PDP

Forget about your future goals for a minute.

What are you going to do today?

A great way to frame this is through a PDP, or personal development plan.

Blog daily for 30 days
-Practice guitar daily for 7 days
-Email an employee daily for 5 days
-Make a podcast with 5 episodes total

The point here is there is a set frame. You can see the light at the end of the challenge.

This tells your psyche that the discomfort isn’t forever.

Yet you will catalyze your progress and growth.

Because you are committing to daily action.

Why not do it?

Starting a Podcast is a Secret Weapon

Starting a podcast builds your network, sparks your creativity, and adds to your brand.

This article from Aaron Olson shares how valuable it is: it’s a secret weapon for your career.

The best line from the post?

“To get started with your podcast, stop thinking about it and just start. “

Quote of the Day

“To begin, begin.”
— William Wordsworth