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A key to doing what makes you come alive is, well, knowing what makes you come alive.

To figure that out, there are two prongs: action and reflection.

Act, and you learn about how you feel. You get feedback from the world.

Reflect, and you dig in to your values, your purpose, your true desires.

Both matter.

Build self-knowledge, even just a little each day.

How (And Why) to Build Social Capital

A healthy career means building a cushion of social capital.

Mitchell Earl drives this home in his succinct post.

“The purpose of social capital isn’t about building a list of people who owe you favors.

But if you focus on creating value for other people, social capital will be a natural byproduct. People you’ve been valuable to will want to be valuable in exchange.”

Quote of the Day

“Failure is just practice for success.”
— Unknown