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Find an Excuse

Find an excuse… write handwritten thank you notes.

Send them to companies, colleagues, friends, or anyone. Be abundant.

People will not only remember you, building social capital, but it’ll feel rewarding. You’ll become a more grateful person.

Do it! It’ll only help your career.

The New Way to Learn

Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda) is an online coding school that trains you to become a software engineer or data scientist. College degree not needed.

And you won’t pay a cent of tuition until you’ve landed a job making $50K.

If that tickles your curiosity….then take action.

Apply now.

Coach of the Month

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Watch career coach Alexa Shoen’s Tik-Tok on the reg. Or follow her on Insta.

We like her. We vouch for her.

Feed your mind with empowerment.

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