Learn a Tech Tool

Learn a Tech Tool

nope, you don't need college to learn it!

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Learn a tech tool

Need a weekend project to boost your marketability?

Learn a new software tech tool. You don't need to master it.

Watch a YouTube video on it, play around, then make a 2 minute screencast showing what you know. This is a solid way to build your portfolio and signal your growth mindset.

Here are example screencasts.

How to read a job posting

We got a hot job opp for a sales role at Forward Kitchens. If you can hustle, this gig is for you.

Here's the job posting. They asked for a resume but you can send something better (e.g. video pitch). Really, in the "attach resume here" section you can add a doc that just lists the URL of your Crash pitch...and nothing else!

Remember how to read a job posting (2 min. blog post). Always create value up front so they can't ignore you.

You got this!

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