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The Daily Job Hunt

Sphere of Control

You can’t control external events.

But you can control your own life.

Live in your sphere of control, always.

PandaDoc is Hiring for Many Roles

The good people at PandaDoc are hiring many remote roles! Customer Experience, Marketing, Sales, Product, you name it!

Opportunity is right there for you. Email a human a 60 second video pitch.

Even if you don’t think you have “enough experience” or whatever, you CAN prove you are qualified by sharing your story, the soft skills you’ve built, or the obstacles you’ve overcome.

And to help you get started figuring out who to email, here’s the People Page on PandaDoc’s Linked Profile.

Don’t be shy!

Quote of the Day

“Most people don’t start. Most people who start don’t continue. Most people who continue, give up. Many winners are just the last ones standing. Don’t give up.”
– Sahil Lavingia