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The Daily Job Hunt

Be Less Selfless

Take care of yourself.

Fill up your bucket.

Put on your own oxygen mask.

Do that which brings you energy.

If you truly want to be a giving person to the people around you, then you need to be less selfless.

You need to overflow with abundance.

What small act can you do today to move in that direction?

The Video Dash!

When you invest in our Video Pitch Tool, you get a sweet dashboard that shows pitches created, and access to resources like our Career Crash Course.

Another cool perk is every time you login, you’ll get a little “Pitching Tip” to get you going! Some examples:

Tailor each pitch to one company. Make them feel special!

Show your tools. Showing that you already master the tools of the trade proves that you can be productive from day 1.

Send them something they can’t ignore.

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Quote of the Day

“Pick one thing and go at it with everything you’ve got.”
– Tom Bilyeu