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Eat the Marshmallow?

You know the marshmallow experiment?

Kids were asked to sit in a room for 10 minutes with a marshmallow, and if they could wait the full 10 minutes without eating it, they would get a second marshmallow.

This was shown to be a predictor of the child’s ability to delay gratification and succeed throughout life.

Delayed gratification is for sure a valuable asset.

And yet….

What if sometimes, it were better to just eat the marshmallow, right now?!

What do you WANT in life? Go get it, now! The time is ticking.

Maybe it’s time to eat dessert first.

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Turn Your Phone Addiction Into Your Next Job

Going on social media CAN be a waste of time.

But could it be valuable, too? As Isaac shares in this 1 minute post, maybe you could land your next job by tapping into communities, based on your interests.

“Time spent browsing social can turn from mostly consumptive, where you walk away no closer to a cool job or improved life than when you started, or it can be a productive/consumptive mix, where you expand your horizons, notions of what’s possible, network, and luck surface all while poking around to follow your interests.”

Quote of the Day

“My experience is that most people underestimate their power to change and grow.”
— Nathaniel Branden