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A little EQ

Hey, maybe you’re stressed out right now, because you’re trying to get a job.

That’s totally cool. You’re not the only one.

When you feel unwanted feelings, be sure to allow rather than suppress.

1. Be aware of the sensation, and maybe give it a name (e.g. stressed, frustrated, tense, guarded).

2. Accept it. Avoid pretending it’s not there.

Move through these two steps and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll on the job hunt. Then have fun!

P.S. Companies love EQ.

Forward Tilt

If we were to sum up our job hunt mindset, it would be forward tilt. This phrase comes from a story of a business owner who says he hires people when he sees them leaning in with enthusiasm during an interview.  

This can’t be faked, though. Hone it from within! To do that, binge on the 50 episodes of Forward Tilt podcast. Each is a 5-10 minute gem. Here are top shows:

Quote of the Day

“The Internet killed degrees because it brought the cost of information so low that now anyone anywhere can build a better signal than a degree through a digital footprint, brand, or body of work.”
― Isaac Morehouse, Crash Your Career