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Career Orbit

Launching a career or breaking into a field is hardest at the beginning. Just like a rocket ship, you need to move through the stratosphere before you’re cruising in outer space!

That can take effort.

But know that once you land that first role, it gets easier. You can start hopping amongst the planets and the stars (finding new and better jobs).

So just start. Go after an imperfect opportunity. Over time you can dial in that dream role.

The next 5 years will pass anyway. Are you going to move forward, or stay where you are?

How to Land a Remote Role

Kate Smith, AKA The Remote Nomad, is a coach who teaches professionals how to land remote jobs, so they create more freedom and flexibility in their life.

She’s lived in 25 countries while working remotely the past 7 years.

Now, with remote work more and more common, connecting with Kate is worth doing. Learn from those who’ve come before! Apply for 1:1 coaching now.

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