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Pitching Always Wins

Do you ever feel hesitant to pitch? Does it seem too weird to skip the resume?

Totally get that. But remember, pitching companies is a superpower.

And even if you don’t get the job, you win.

1. You feel excited by shipping a project no one asked for.

2. Other companies might reach out, esp. if you broadcast on social media.

3. You get better at pitching – the muscle gets built.

Play the long game. Don’t just pitch for the sake of one job opp.

Pitch because you become a more empowered and alive person.

(We see 80% response rates to pitches. Resumes are 0.06%).

Getting Hired Later in Life

One of you awesome older peeps (over 50) emailed us asking, “will companies hold my age against me?”

Sure, they might. Companies are human and bias tends to creep up.

But it could also be a strength. Own it! Show you are enthusiastic about THAT company, and be so good they won’t ignore you.

Here are good articles and podcasts to hone this mindset:

How to Change Careers Without Going Back to School (2 min)
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Don’t Let Your Age Define Your Possibilities (45 min. Office Hours Podcast)

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