How To Land 10X More Offers

How To Land 10X More Offers

To grow your career, you need the ability to create value and the ability to prove it!

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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What You Need

To grow a career, you need:

1. The ability to create value
2. The ability to prove it

That's it.

You likely have tons of ability already! But can you prove it?

You can if you send a video pitch.

With our video pitch builder, you can show value via:

Creativity and boldness
Tech stack
Custom projects

Show > tell!

So invest in yourself and start building a pitch on our video pitch builder. It's $50 for lifetime access and unlimited pitches. Already a steal.

But, you can get 90% off by referring three of your friends to the DJH, with your unique link.

Charlie Charlie

We aren't the only ones telling people to send a video! Charlie Hoehn agrees in his recent tweet of us.

(Charlie teaches people to do free work in his book Recession Proof Graduate, and on the podcast he did with us).

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