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The Daily Job Hunt


If you Ask Why all the time, you will be rewarded.

Why am I in this career?
Why am I contacting this person?
Why am I interested in this company?
Why am working a job I hate?
Why am I bothering with a resume?
Why am I reading the DJH?
Why am I here on planet Earth?

Asking Why = Living Consciously.

Living Consciously = Living The Good Life.

Pitch a Company When They’re NOT Hiring

You might have a better career if you focus on the awesome companies that aren’t even posting a job opening.

Say what?

Yeah, you can create a value prop, solving problems in advance for a company, and pitch your way in to create your own role.

Think about it – there won’t be any competition – no hundreds of candidates to go up against!

Plus, you can target you dream company or person to work for – like Charlie Hoehn did, pitching Tim Ferriss.

So….where to find awesome companies??

Start with Crunchbase, and find companies that recently raised a round of funding. That signals to you that they are growing.

Learn more in this post – How to Discover Tech Companies with Crunchbase.

Quote of the Day

“Impossible is nothing.”
—Muhammed Ali