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Optimism as Realism

It’s easy to be heavy, but harder to be light.

An outlook of enthusiasm, possibility, creativity, and empowerment actually takes more effort than defaulting to a negative or complaining mindset.

“But,” you say, “I’m just being realistic about the struggles and challenges of life. I don’t want to be super positive, and in the clouds.”

Understandable. You want to be in touch with reality, you say. Perfect!

Well, reality not only means being honest about challenge and struggle, but being honest about your own creative potential.

It IS realistic for you to recognize the power of your mind, choose optimism, visualize your target, and achieve it.

It IS realistic to choose your attitude.

When you do this, you are tapping into the reality of nature itself, the innate human capacity for volitional choice and action.

Remember that “being realistic” is a coin with two sides.

Life Mission and Building Skills

When it comes to a fulfilling career, it’s easy to stay in a mindset of “what do I want to BE when I grow up?” assuming there is one single ideal job.

But the truth is, what you’re doing 20 years from now might not even exist yet!

A better mindset might be: start building skills and experience. Develop the soft skills. Then become a dynamic and capable person who creates tons of value over time.  

Watch this fun 6 minute video for the rundown.

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