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The Daily Job Hunt


As long as you’re taking continued, intentional action, your results will arrive.

It just may take some time.

Welcome the value of patience. If you find yourself feeling antsy, apply patience like a soothing ointment on an irritated wound. Allow yourself to feel relief and respite….

Hold a bias for action, yet be patient at the same time. For nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

(That said, if you apply our pitching mindset, your entire job hunt will likely last less than 3 weeks. Here’s proof).

Toggl: Time Tracking

One of the hardest parts of working or job searching at home is staying on track with your time.

Become hyper aware of where you are investing your time, attention, and energy each day, by testing out the Toggl Track. It’s free.

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Quote of the Day

“You can’t manage time, you actually only manage what you do during time.”
– David Allen