Help A Friend Land A Job

Help A Friend Land A Job

Have a talented friend who needs a job? Send this to them

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Forward this to a friend

You know that one friend who is really talented, but just won't push themselves to get a job worthy of them?

We made The DJH to be the kick-in-the-pants they need (with a dash of kind
encouragement :-).

Friend to friend, send them DJH. Tell them you're tired of paying for drinks.

They can sign up here.

Customer Success Jobs

Here are a couple super cool (Denver-based) jobs that just opened in customer success (great role to start careers if you're the right personality):

- Customer Success Strategy and Operations Manager - Udemy for Business
- Customer Experience Associate - Robinhood

Pro Tip: to apply, skip the job posting and email a human a custom project like a mock call script or 30-day action plan.

(We pulled these jobs from one of our fav places for cool gigs,

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