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Lean In

The creative process – e.g. making something for a company – is often uncomfortable.

It means putting yourself out there – showing yourself, revealing yourself. It can really feel vulnerable.

And yet, it’s also the path to fulfillment, effectiveness, and liberation. It – creativity – is what it means to be human.

So lean in to the discomfort.

Don’t hide. Unleash your creative power.

You are worthy of it.

How to Work from Home

Building your own structure, environment, and routine is often very valuable when working (or job searching) from home.

From, here are 11 Not-so-obvious tips to working at home.

An excerpt:

“Be real with yourself, you’re not going to crank out pulitzer prize winning work for 12 hours out of a day. We all only have so much focus, willpower, creative energy – whatever it is.

How’s your energy? How are you feeling? Are you motivated? If you’re feeling fantastic and creative? Dive into a writing session. Lethargic and unmotivated? Answer some emails, or schedule your social media posts.

Don’t fight that, recognize it and make a plan.”

Quote of the Day

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.”
― Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism