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Don’t Try

You know the story of King Arthur, pulling the sword from the stone?

At first, all the other knights yanked and tugged, with all their might, but the sword wouldn’t budge.

Then Arthur came along, and with just the slightest effort, he pulled the sword.

What’s the lesson here?

Well, we humans often get in our own way. We try so hard, that it actually prevents results.

How could you be more easeful and graceful, and allow greater possibilities to flow?

Maybe, just maybe, don’t try so much.

How to Show Your Work

You want to build a digital footprint and online portfolio, to prove your ability to create value, and signal the type of person you are.

So, learn out loud and document your work! Chuck explains how.

Your Solution

  • Show the final result.
  • Include screenshots of the stages and the final product of digital work.
  • Include photos of the stages and final product of in-person work.
  • Shoot a video walk-through explanation showing what you did, explaining details and features, and commenting on design decisions. Go a level deeper than you do in writing. If your project is a digital product, use Loom to do a screen share.

(Chuck is the master of this – check out his own website, and his other post, 100 Ways to Learn Out Loud).

Quote of the Day

“The future is portfolios, not transcripts.”
— Ana Lorena Fabrega