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Go-Getter vs. Go-Giver

Being a go-getter is generally thought of as noble. You’re ambitious and shooting for the moon!

Sure, good stuff.

But what about thinking of yourself as a go-giver?

Write handwritten thank you notes
Give long hugs to your friends
Buy lunch for an employee at a company
Tweet a compliment
Make a project for a company and give it to them.
Send something creative

Mindset is everything. Choose a mindset of abundance and win-win.

Free Work

We often assume that doing free work is letting ourselves get “used.”

But “used” is totally subjective!

All that matters is that you are getting value in return for what you are doing. Free work is not exploitation (10 minute rant video), if you are choosing and benefiting from it!

(Side note: which is better, sitting at desks for 4 years of college and paying $100,000 to gain few skills, or doing free work for 1 month at a cool company soaking in knowledge? But we digress.)

^^ this video is from our (free) Crash Course. You might want to start taking it!

Quote of the Day

“It’s not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing.”— Mark Cuban