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Pitching Can Be Fun!

We talk a lot about pitching a company directly, instead of using a resume. It works way way way better.

But even if you won’t admit it to yourself, it’s possible that a part of you thinks that, well, creating a pitch is simply “too much work.”

Sure, yeah, it does take more effort than blasting a PDF resume.

But pitching can be super fun, too!

Lighten up! Be playful, curious, and experimental about landing a job.

Be like a little kid trying to build a sand castle. Does he see that as WORK?? No, yet he accomplishes something meaningful and constructive nonetheless.

Shoot a little video pitch and see what happens. Make a little project and see what happens. Email the hiring manager and see what happens.

Why not?

Career Karma

If you want to take a year and dive deep into a new skillset, check out the bootcamps that Career Karma showcases. Starting from scratch, you can learn tech sales, digital marketing, software engineering, and more.

(But remember, you don’t *have to* commit to a bootcamp to launch or relaunch your career. You can always learn your way in by building and creating small projects on your own).

Quote of the Day

“Be less focused about making excuses and focus more on making moves.”
― Germany Kent