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Here’s some empathy

It’s not your fault.

The way you’ve been taught is wrong.

They say getting hired is about “who you know,” which is sorta true. A high percentage of jobs are filled word-of-mouth. But then you think, “well I only know so many people,” and “networking” sort of sucks.

You have bills to pay, maybe a family to feed. You need an income! Time is of the essence. You get up early and scan job postings and send your best resume out. You even work the network a bit and reach out for informational interviews.

But you never hear back. Your resume is lost at sea.

If this feels real to you, we feel you!

So is there a better way? Maybe something fresher, bolder, and even fun?

Hell yes.

Eat the spinach

You know the Popeye cartoon, and how he eats the can of spinach, and grows instantly buff?

We found that for the job hunt. It’s the pitch.

A pitch can jumpstart you in so many ways. You’ll feel empowered, confident, excited, and creative. Most importantly, you’ll stand out from the sea of resumes!

The pitch replaces the resume. You can send a slide deck, a video, or a portfolio of projects, and make a little value prop for a company. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just be bold.

Quote of the Day

“The problem both for us as a society and as individuals is that we’re asking the wrong question: ‘How do I get a job doing that?’ What if the better question is: ‘How do I create a job doing that?'”

― Taylor Pearson, The End of Jobs