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Make Stuff

“I made this for you,” is the mindset to win in your career.

What to make?

– design an infographic for an Instagram story
– make a new FAQ page
– write a sales call sequence
– make a Chatbot
– Look up a company on Yelp. Find their negative reviews. Write a mock response to a review.

Then send it to the company.

Show your value in advance. No one else is doing this, so you’ll stand out!

Frame It

In an interview or a pitch, if you can frame your past experience with stories proving your skills, you can overcome your lack of “real” experience.

For example, to prove your customer service soft skills, you could tell a story about when you were super friendly to an angry customer while working the drive-through at Wendy’s.

This goes a long way to break into a startup job. You just need to sell yourself!

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