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Just One

Hey there. You maybe feel frantic to land that next opportunity….so you make a list of as many companies you can that are hiring.

But slow down….

Just pick one company.

Yeah, just one.

And, be picky about that one choice. Don’t wait for perfection, but narrow in on a job opp that sounds genuinely exciting to you.

Then go all in with that one opportunity. Shower them with custom projects, value propositions. personal emails, blog posts, public tweets, DM’s to the hiring manager, pitch decks, tailored videos, and/or offers to work for free.

Forget the “spray and pray” approach to landing a role.

Go deep.

Be Less Happy

A little unsatisfied with your current job? Be more unsatisfied.

Turn up the volume on discontentment, then channel it into creative, optimistic action towards what you desire.

Read more here about becoming The Discontented Optimist.

“Discontentment coupled with optimism leads you to create the world you want.”

Quote of the Day

“If you have a story to tell or a service to offer (it doesn’t matter what), love yourself enough to choose yourself. Take control of your work, your life, your art. The tools are out there. Now you just need to use the tools inside yourself.”

― James Altucher