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To reap a healthy harvest for your life and career, you want to invest in yourself.

– Buy lunch for a person you want to learn from, to build connections in a career field

– Invest your time in a course on Google Ads so you can build your skills portfolio

Send your first pitch to a company so you can build confidence and momentum

These investments of money, time, attention, and energy may not see immediate payoff. But over time, your ROI will be high.

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How to Find Tech Companies

Look, you really can crash your way into a sweet startup job (even with no experience), when you find early stage companies that are growing fast.

Use Crunchbase to narrow down your search to 2-3 companies that are exciting to you.

Learn how in this post, How to Discover Tech Companies with Crunchbase.

Quote of the Day

“Experience isn’t the only determining factor in the hiring process. I’d rather have someone who’s hungry to learn.”

— Nick Black, CEO