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Being Good vs. Being Yourself

A “good boy” does what he’s supposed to do.
A boy who is true to himself does what he desires.

A “good girl” pleases everyone else.
A girl who is true to herself sticks to her principles, and doesn’t care what others think.

Are you gonna live your life for others, or for you?

Be yourself. (You’ll have better success landing a job that way).

“I Want to Work For You”

Send an email and offer specific value, even if you have little experience. In this email below, this person did just that, and he landed a full time job:

“Hi Jack,

I hope you had a great weekend. As you said, you’re looking for someone with a bit more experience for the position, so I have a proposal:

I want to work for you. Let me start at half the price of what you are offering — I’ll create a curriculum for myself outside of the job….” (read the rest on pg. 4 of this doc)

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