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Small Wins

What are 3 tiny things that have gone WELL for you of late?

Maybe you had a short call with an employee at a company.
Maybe you learned about a sweet new job search site.
Or maybe you landed an interview.

Celebrate the small wins along the way! This will give your psyche encouragement to keep going.

It’s easy to be negative. It takes thoughtfulness to choose to see the positive. But you’re capable of it, and worthy of it, too.

Follow Up Channel

You want to follow up every 2-3 days until you hear back from a human you contact. But what’s best practice in terms of where to follow up? LinkedIn, email, Twitter, phone call….?

In our Guide to Following Up, we explain:

“Follow up via the same communication method—if you sent an email, follow up in that email thread (find the email and hit Reply). If you sent them a LinkedIn message, send another one. If you haven’t heard back after 2-3 follow-ups on the same platform, you can either switch to email, or use a different platform on which your target recipient seems active.

(Example: You’ve followed up 3 times on LinkedIn, and they haven’t responded. You see that they’re tweeted consistently in the past couple weeks, so you send them a Twitter DM or tweet at them directly.”

Quote of the Day

“Dwell on the beauty of life.”
― Marcus Aurelius