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The Power of Questions

It’s easy to say, “I can’t land a job without a resume.”
It’s empowering to ask, “how could I land a job without a resume?”

It’s tempting to say, “I can’t learn a new skill in my 40’s.”
It’s empowering to ask, “how could I learn a new skill in my 40’s?”

It’s relieving to say, “I can’t transform my mindset” (because then you’re off the hook).

It’s revolutionary to ask, “how can I transform my mindset?” (because then you become unstoppable).

Will you tell yourself statements, or will you ask yourself questions?

The choice is yours, of course.

Remote Customer Service Jobs

We’re telling you, you could quickly land a solid remote customer service job, even without connections or “official” experience.

Can you relate to people, can you listen effectively? That’s what matters for customer service.

Sell yourself in a quick video (like this or this), telling a story of your ability to connect with people. It could be a story leading kids as a camp counselor, helping a customer choose an ice cream flavor, or pointing a customer to find the bananas. (Even if imperfect, emailing a video pitch will 50X your interview rate).

So, to get started, here are some remote customer service jobs from!

Quote of the Day

“Someone who’s hiring isn’t looking for you to have 10 years of experience. They’re looking to see if you’ve struggled through adversity and persisted beyond it. Because that’s the hallmark of a successful human.”

— Nick Rundlett