Learn This Job Hunting Hack

Learn This Hack

Skip applying on the link provided, start sending pitches directly to hiring managers' emails

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Tell a story

Companies are people. People like stories. You can tell one and prove you're worth hiring.

You ran a marathon? Tell the story of how you persevered.
You worked at a preschool? Tell the story of offering patience or empathy.
You went to Thailand with no money? Tell the story.

Stories show who you are as a person. And your soft skills.

We say this often. And so does a woman named Kerri.

Release your grip on job titles, statuses, and bullet points.

Be human.

Job Hunt Hack

A major hack to crash the job hunt party is to find email addresses.

Skip applying on the job posting. Email a human at a company. Here are sites for how to get the address:

And here are two quick posts we have fleshing this out:

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