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Look for excuses to write Thank You notes

Early in my career, an older mentor told me to look for excuses to write thank you notes.

I took that to heart, and tried to write thank you notes to people for anything I could think of, for anything in my career. People I worked with, customers, vendors….

And it’s paid off tremendously.

I don’t just mean because when you write thank you notes it makes people feel good and then they’ll do favors for you. Though that’s true too.

The primary benefit is a mindset benefit.

When you force yourself to scroll through your mind and ask what people around you have done that you are thankful for, it begins to train your brain to see the value creation around you. You train your brain into a win-win mindset of gratitude, optimism, and generosity.

You begin to give as well.

Generating this mindset is one of the most powerful things you can do to take charge, and to create your career destiny.

Look for excuses to write thank you notes.

— Isaac Morehouse

How to Create a Value Proposition in 5 Steps

While it takes more effort than clicking ‘Quick Apply’, sending a company a value prop doesn’t have to be insanely hard.

Here are 5 Steps to Create a a Value Proposition, from Trinity Moss, who is happily employed after never even going to college.

Step 1 – Research.

“Once you’re interested in a company, begin researching them. I always start by going to their website, social media, Yelp, (etc.) and take notes on everything. Ask yourself, ‘What is their overall online presence like?'”

Step 2 – Brainstorm.

“….start is by looking for problems to solve. To do this, take a look at any 1-star reviews you can find.”

Step 3 – Go through with completing those tasks

“….now some action is required to move forward. Let’s say you decided to rewrite the company’s FAQ page, create graphics for their Instagram, or write some articles for their blog.”

Step 4 – Create a presentation.

“I use Google slides to create a presentation….It’s also important to make sure it’s simple.””

Step 5 – Record a video.

“Start by expressing your interest in the company.”

Pro tip: Remember to just start. Action breeds momentum!

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