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How to Motivate Yourself

Here’s a little tip to motivate yourself.

Instead of demanding of yourself and saying, “I WILL get a job!” or “I WILL be productive today!”, ask yourself:

“Will I land myself a job….?”
“Will I be productive today…..?”

Then pause. Let the question float around in your head.

Try it right now. How do you feel after you ask yourself a rhetorical question like this?

With this little flip of language, you are teasing and inviting your subconscious, rather than ordering it around.

You’ll likely create more inner motivation.

Little things matter.

Make a Pitch Deck

When startup founders are looking to raise funding for a new company, they make a pitch deck for potential investors.

The pitch deck is a visual display – via a few slides – of the value the company can create, why that matters, and why the company is worth investing in.  

Well….why not steal this approach for landing a job?

Create a compelling visual display of why YOU are worth investing in! Tell your story, and ENGAGE the human being who might be hiring you.

Here two examples of pitch decks from job hunters:

Jackie Blum – pitch deck
Claudia Gerez – pitch deck

More about pitch decks:
Get Backed by Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis (book)
Ditch Your Resume – Build a Pitch Deck (blog post)

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