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Build a Digital “Resume”

A resume is a list of third-party credentials and a static history of achievements. And it’s not opening any doors for you.

So how do you show your skills and value?

By being your own credential. By creating a digital body of work that showcases who you are and what you can do.

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible at Crash, because we know how valuable it is and how often people struggle to know how to do it.

Use our FREE (to DJH subscribers) tool to create a digital portfolio (like this one: that shows employers and the world your stuff.

Make a quick elevator pitch video. Add some projects or things you’ve done. Work history, endorsements, software tools you know.

Then share it with the world and use it instead of a resume!

If you don’t come up in Google search results, you’re irrelevant

What is one harsh truth about modern job searching that wasn’t true during the hiring process of years ago?

Lita Allgyer says in this Quora post:

If you don’t come up in Google search results, you’re irrelevant.”

She goes on to say:

Here’s an exercise:

  • Go to a coffee shop and have some stranger Google your name.
  • Ask them to tell you their first impression.
  • Is their first impression of you the one you want to be giving?

If so, awesome.

If not, time to get to work!

Here’s how to start building a personal brand:

  • Build a personal website. (First name, last name dot com is your best bet if you want it to be in the search results).
  • Start documenting the things you do on that website

Quote of the Day

“Make each day your masterpiece.”
– John Wooden