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Release the pressure

Hey remember, most people aren’t even trying to stand out to land jobs.

Most people keep doing the same thing over and over! So by reading the DJH, you’re already in a special group. ; )

With that in mind, release the pressure on yourself to be over-the-top-massively-stellar creative.

Be a tiny bit creative.

Email directly, instead of applying on the job board. Or make a little project for the company, like a 5 question FAQ doc or a graphic for their Instagram page.

You don’t need to be Superman, you just need to be slightly-super compared to a crowd of job applicants.

5 Seconds to Win 30

When going for a job opp, your goal isn’t to win the offer right away. It’s to hook their attention. Make them want to learn more.

What can you give in 5 seconds that will hook them to want to spend 30?

What can you show in 30 seconds that will hook them to want to spend 2 minutes?

(Hint: a text resume might not do it).

Learn in this GOLDEN blog post (2 minutes).

“What’s the very first thing people will see when they encounter you on the market? What are you showing them that makes them say, ‘There’s something here worth exploring more!'”

Quote of the Day

“We choose what attitudes we have right now. And it’s a continuing choice.”

— John Maxwell