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Listen to your Gut

Your gut is your second brain. It rapidly calculates tons of data and gives you a feeling of either “yes” or “no” about a given choice.

Listen to your gut, especially when it comes to whether you’ll pursue a certain job opportunity.

When you find a company, learn about their mission, values, company culture, and the role they’re looking to fill.

Does the company not sit well with your gut? Then skip it.

Put your energy where you’re curious, interested, and excited. You’ll not only be happier, you’ll get better results, too.

Top Sites for Researching Companies

Before sending a pitch to a company, it’s smart to research for 30-60 minutes. Read the company’s website and blog of course, but also look at these sites for more behind-the-scenes info: (learn about company’s competitors) (learn about funding history and more)
Ahrefs (learn about SEO performance) (track company news and more)
Builtwith (figure out what software a company is using)
Twitter (read this post we did on this)

(Remember, have a bias for action and don’t over-research either. Send a pitch like this one from Madison).

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