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Become an Intra-preneur

You don’t need to start a business to be entrepreneurial.

You can be an intra-preneur, at a company you love.

That means creating value without permission, and bringing radical self-responsibility and self-management to your work.

Companies crave this. They’re tired of giving directions like a school teacher.

So empower yourself, and start now, on your job hunt.

Go solve problems for a company. Do the job before you have the job.

It’ll be hard to ignore you.

6 Posts on Making Custom Projects

Bookmark these 6 posts from our blog, all about making projects and portfolios:

1. Show Your Work and Change the Trajectory of your Career

It doesn’t have to be a big scary thing.

Start blogging. Start a YouTube channel. Don’t just read books, review them. Podcast. Create projects around stuff you’re learning. Share your process and the outcome

2. Get a job interview with a custom project

Companies are blown away by custom projects.

Think about what a treat it is for a company. Without permission, a job applicant emails with, “hey I built this, just for you!”

3. 4 Types of Projects to Create Value
4. Guidelines for Putting Projects on Display
5. 100 Ways to Work Out Loud
6. 7 Uncommon Skills Employers Look For (and how to build them)

The bottom line: show, don’t tell!

Quote of the Day

“Do the job before you have the job.”

— TK Coleman