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Swing at the Piñata Daily

See your job hunt like a kid trying to break open a piñata at a birthday party.

The kid knows what she wants (candy bursting to the floor). But she’s blindfolded, dizzy, and doesn’t know where the piñata even is.

At least at first.

But she starts swinging her baseball bat.

She swings and fails and misses the target entirely. But she learns through the failure, and doesn’t give up.

Then she finally makes contact with the piñata. No candy falls quite yet, but she has made progress. She’s getting warmer and warmer.

She persistently, repeatedly swings. She makes her dent, energetically and indefatigably.

Then the piñata bursts open.

She gets showered with candy.

For you, when you are persistent like this, you will get showered with job offers.

Just never give up.

Show up and act daily.

4 Custom Projects to Create Value

You can send a Crash video pitch to stand out on the job hunt. On that pitch, you can also easily add custom projects for a company to create value up front, and blow them away!

In this post, here are 4 Types of Projects to Create Value (And Win the Job).

Here’s the tip for Customer Success roles:

In a Google Doc, write out mock dialogue exchanges between you and a customer at that company you want to work for. Pick a scenario (problem customer may have) based on that product or service. It could be a mock phone call or mock live chat. Show how you’d handle it with grace!

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