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Don’t Lower Your Standards

“Should I lower my standards? Maybe getting into that company I love is too much of a long shot right now. Maybe I should just apply for any job that seems tolerable.”

It sounds like a reasonable thought at first glance.

But you’re forgetting one major thing: your genuine excitement is an invaluable asset.

The version of you that is, in fact, most likely to get hired is the version that’s fully alive and engaged.

That’s what every employer wants to see!

Do the research, dive deep, really think about what it is you love about this company’s mission. Find the right people to reach out to, build something for them that’s too good to ignore, then pitch them on the fire you’ll bring if they hire you on.

That’s how you win a job!

So, don’t go bland.

Keep your head up, and hunt!

(The above is taken from a full post on the Crash blog).

It’s Not a Job Hunt, It’s a Campaign

What if for your job search, you viewed yourself as a $50,000/year product you want a customer to buy?

Would you sit passively and wait for someone to buy you? Or…. would you make it a sales and marketing campaign:

Yeah yeah yeah, we know. “You’re priceless.” But we’re not talking about you as a person. We’re talking about your skills and ability to create value.

This is the opportunity you have in 2021. Take control. Launch yourself into career orbit.

Learn more in It’s Not a Job Hunt, It’s a Campaign by Isaac Morehouse, in this 7 minute read.

“You are your own startup. You’re Me, Inc. What would happen if you treated finding your next professional opportunity like a company treats finding customers?”

Quote of the Day

“Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it.”

— Mark Manson