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Replace “I have to get a job” with “I choose to get a job.”

Reclaim your agency.

No one is making you do anything.

Be the Captain of Your Own Fate.

8 Signs You Need to Get Out of Corporate America

Let’s be real. Corporate America sucks.

Many corporate jobs may pay well, but do you they nourish your soul?

Maybe you owe it to yourself to go elsewhere, to align with your purpose, get creative, and truly enjoy your days and weeks. (Maybe you need to pitch a startup company).

Here are 8 Signs You Need to Get Out of Corporate America.

“Maybe you just feel a cubicle is a cage for your brain. Maybe numbers aren’t your jam. And maybe, just maybe, you’re incredibly talented and need a bit of an unorthodox structure in a place that values your particular set of skills. Either way, you’re very likely to be stifled in the corporate world.”

Quote of the Day

“I am the captain of my fate; I am the master of my soul.”

— William Earnest Henley