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Go 100% In

Do you hate your job?

You have two options.

1) Quit. Exit. Figure it out from there.
2) Go 100% in. Crush it. Be the best, most creative employee you can.

Both options are valid.

When you quit what you hate, you are going in the right direction.

But even if your current job isn’t giving you fulfillment, you still have the choice with your mindset.

Going 100% all in will make you the type of person that goes 100% all in.

Then, you’ll be unstoppable in eventually landing a job you truly love.

It’s all between the ears.

You Got the Job…now what?

Once you land a great job (by sending a video pitch, of course), how can you ride the momentum of your job hunt, and soar in your daily job performance?

Hannah Frankman breaks it down in this 3 minute post:

Underpromise and overdeliver. Give yourself extra buffer time when setting deadlines and timelines, and then deliver ahead of schedule. This is the fastest way to look impressive.

Document what you’re working on for yourself. The more notes you take, the better your memory.

Get to know your teammates! You’re going to be working with them for the foreseeable future, and the more camaraderie you establish, the better. I once had a new colleague offer to take everyone on the team out for 1-on-1 coffee/tea/drinks as a personal get-to-know-you. You picked the place, she picked up the tab. Steal a page from her playbook and do this — because it works.”

Quote of the Day

“When most people see modern art, they think, ‘I could do that!.’
But they didn’t. That is the difference between consumer and creator.”

― Derek Sivers