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The Top 5 Ways to Use Your Resume: A Visual Guide

5. Weekly Grocery List
(At least two of these are must-haves).

4. Crafty Crafts
(Your ship has come in).

3. Use your Resume for Important Public Service Announcements
(There’s business and there’s business).

2. Low-Carb Taco Shell Replacement
(Mmmm. That’s the taste of success).

1. Survival Situation
(Relax. You’ll be just fine).

Have Forward Tilt

Everything we teach boils down to this: have a mindset of forward tilt.

Make things happen (vs. allowing things to just happen to you).

Create, don’t wait.

People with forward tilt don’t shy away from opportunity. They lean in. They are eager, ready, and excited about new challenges.

If you’re setting out in your career, your attitude matters as much as your skills. As long as you bring excitement and a bias for action to the table you can learn everything you need to know once you start.

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