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Think and Land a Job

Edwin Barnes had a burning desire to work for inventor Thomas Edison.

Barnes had no money, no guarantee he could meet Edison, no hint that Edison would take him on, and in the beginning, nothing promising to even offer him.

But he had a definite, unwavering desire for the opportunity.

Edison gave him a chance, later saying,

“I had learned, from years of experience with men, that when a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win. I gave him the opportunity he asked for, because I saw he had made up his mind to stand by until he succeeded. Subsequent events proved that no mistake was made.”

Within a few years, they were business partners, and Barnes was selling millions of dollars of an invention by Edison.

It all started with a desire, a single thought, a decision.

It all started within the mind.

Why not you?

Send a Video Pitch, Badly

Tim Ferriss’ first podcast sucked.
Mozart’s first symphony is pretty forgettable.
Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school, twice.

Then, they got good. Because they kept getting their reps in.

Maybe it’s the same for video pitching a company. You need to give yourself permission to not be great at it. Just turn the camera on, and get started.

(That said, lots of people get an interview on their first try. Maybe “bad” is good enough).

Get more inspo in this 2 minute video from Ira Glass.

Quote of the Day

“The hardest thing about getting started, is getting started.”
— Guy Kawasaki