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Less is More

Instead of getting as many resumes as possible out there, send a personal pitch to 1-3 companies you love.

Instead of adding as many contacts as you can on LinkedIn, reach out to a few people with a tailored message that shows you’re genuinely interested in connecting.

And rather than spending as many hours as possible on your job hunt each day, block off a protected window of time and be highly intentional. Work smart, not hard.

Less is more.

“Sell Me This Pen”

Here’s a solid article with how to answer 26 Sales Interview Questions. Read this, get prepared, and knock the interview out of the park. It’s worth reading even if you’re not in sales.

From the list, here’s an example question that nobody likes: “Sell me this pen.” What do you do with this one?

DON’T answer it by going on and on about the features and benefits of the pen and why they should buy it!

DO ask: “What kind of pen do you like to write with?”

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